Lauren's Career Highlights

  Successfully launched her recruitment business Roma Black in 2018
  Scaled the team to do multiple six figures
  Co-Founded Tribe an exclusive community to support female tech leaders

Some of Lauren's customer testimonials


Lauren is a fantastic Director & leader for her team. Her passion for people & business is inspiring and I have no doubt she will continue to succeed in this competitive market.


I had the opportunity to work with Lauren and her Team recently. They quickly understood our needs and were able to provide high quality CVs very quickly enabling us to secure new recruits efficiently. Always available and keen to provide regular updates, it was a pleasure to work with them despite of the current recruitment challenges. Highly recommended.

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Establish three pillars to build your brand around

Learning Outcome #2

Identify a range of ways to come up with new content ideas

Learning Outcome #3

Develop a plan to deliver engaging content to a wide audience consistently

Bitesize Course Breakdown