Patricks Career Highlights

  Successfully launched his business into the US market 
  Built a thriving tech community in the States

Some of Patrick's customer testimonials


Patrick is a dedicated professional, competitive -- yet a team player -- and is a genuine laugh around the office. He was always punctual, genuinely cared about the service he delivered and took care to guide others in the office. I'm sure Patrick will be top biller, and I am sure his ambition doesn't stop there.


Patrick was very much in touch with the technology market and provided great insight and intel to allow us to deliver to our goals and deadlines. Calibration and market knowledge shared with us along with his expertise, advise and approach added great value to success.

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

You need to pitch at the correct level & the right people

Learning Outcome #2

Asking smart questions about the business, not about people

Learning Outcome #3

Showcase your capability & positioning yourself as a service provider

Bitsize Course Breakdown