Dan's Career Highlights

  Successfully co-founded a recruitment business in Jan 2022 which he scaled to 20 people in 12 months
  Successfully exited his position selling his 50% ownership to the Co-Founder.

Some of Dan's customer testimonials


What do you get, when you cross a High Performance Recruitment coach with a Recruitment Business owner?! SUCCESS

Dan has the perfect blend of hands on recruitment, performance coaching and how to run and build a business. A trio of skills that, when you add to the fact that Dan is an all round positive and supportive person is a recipe for success.

If you are working with or for Dan you are going to learn and progress for sure.

A very bright future awaits Dan and will always be grateful for the value he added both to me and my business.


Genuinely could not recommend Dan enough! From the start it didn't feel like the traditional 'this is how to recruit' however instead he got to understand the psychology behind the way I recruited. From there things snowballed and the results showed for themselves!
Hands down the best recruitment coach out there! Thanks Dan!

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

You have to optimise your environment

Learning Outcome #2

Win fast, lose faster

Learning Outcome #3

Dissociate and take a step back

Bitesize Course Breakdown