Jodie's Career Highlights

  Winner of Contracts Consultant of the Year in 2020
  Successfully launched her own recruitment business

Some of Jodie's customer testimonials


As a freelancer I'm usually very hesitant when a recruiter contacts me. I've just made too many bad experiences during my 8+ years working as a freelancer. Jodi is really different here and I've always very much enjoyed working with her. She listens, she won't waste your time and she won't bother you with projects that are not a perfectly good fit for you and that's very special and unique among recruiters. Even after so many years as a freelancer there's still only a handful of recruiters I trustfully reach out to when I'm looking for my next project and she's one of them because I know that she'll come up with a great potential new project usually very quickly. Jodi is definitely one of the most valuable contacts I have as a freelancer!


It's a joy to work with Jodi. Her professional attitude, reliability and ability to find the right opportunity at the right time are remarkable. Always go on the phone when Jodi's calling!

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Don't be HR's enemy & be laser focused on building trust

Learning Outcome #2

Ask for companies' org charts & map out the organisations

Learning Outcome #3

Get those important introductions & how to present yourself to these people

Bitsize Course Breakdown