Matt's Career Highlights

  Successfully launched his own recruitment business in 2021
  Launched The Social Housing Round Table community.
  Over 550 signed-up members of the community

Some of Matt's customer testimonials


Matt is a highly competent leader bringing people together from the social housing sector. Matt has been instrumental in the creation of the innovative SHRT and in a very short time has the respect and trust of the sector. He has provided an environment where housing colleagues can come together and learn from each other . A simple but highly effective model. Matt is respectful to all of the people he connects with fully validating Chris is a great recruiter, a clear communicator and conducts efficient business. Would recommend working with Chris.


Matt stands out among executive recruiters with his passion for the sector and the meaningful connections he makes with his clients. He created the Social Housing Round Table which has provided so much value. In a relatively short time, he can stand alongside the larger more established recruitment agencies in terms of contribution to social housing. Highly recommend!

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Make sure you know your market

Learning Outcome #2

Educate & consult with clients about what other businesses are doing to make themselves more attractive

Learning Outcome #3

Be honest & authentic

Bitsize Course Breakdown