John's Career Highlights

  Successfully progressed to Director several times across different organisations
  Worked within recruitment for ten plus years

Some of John's customer testimonials


Not only is John a genuinely enjoyable person to deal with, more importantly he is good at his job. He places a strong emphasis on understanding backgrounds, outlook, career aspirations and aligning them with the culture and needs of businesses he works with.

John remained candid and consistent while we worked together and thanks to his guidance, I am incredibly pleased with my current position. I'd be happy to wholeheartedly recommend John for his exceptional recruitment skills and genuine dedication to his clients' success


John’s approach to recruitment really stands out. Apart from being a genuinely great person, he focuses on understanding background and career aspirations and matching that with the culture and needs of his clients. The support I received throughout the whole process was outstanding. I am more than pleased with my current position and am happy to recommend John.

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Use the deal post mortem technique

Learning Outcome #2

Break down your targets into manageable chunks

Bitsize Course Breakdown