Paul's Career Highlights

  £10m career billings and counting
  Top biller for many years at Pemberton Stewart and Maven
  International success with placements across 28 different cities across the globe

Some of Paul's customer testimonials


I have known Paul for 10 years in a professional capacity. He has always been my go-to guy for senior talent requirements (i.e. Managing Directors). Paul is trustworthy, a long-term thinker and very relationship driven. He has a sense of longevity and is always present/in dialogue even when we are not hiring. 

I will continue to work with Paul.


Paul is a commercial, hard worker and very passionate about what he does. He is a very good executer of business, good at spotting opportunities and sniffing out a deal. Highly recommend. 

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Set up a place and method for capturing all know market mapping information

Learning Outcome #2

Develop your questioning to allow you to gain unknown information for market mapping

Learning Outcome #3

Make your market mapping invaluable to your clients

Bitesize Course Breakdown