Stuart's Career Highlights

  Successfully launched his own Recruitment Business Hampton North in Sep 2022
  He was the highest revenue generator in US company history at Stott & May.
  In 2021 was responsible for 7 figure individual billing and also ran a 7 figure EBITDA team
  Million dollar biller

Some of Stuart's customer testimonials


Stuart acted as my team lead at Elliott Browne and was able to provide a professional service to our clients while mentoring and keeping our team effectively motivated. I would highly recommend Stuart for his technical acumen and business sense to help customers uncover their most pressing needs, even when those needs are not always clearly defined. He has a keen sense to dig deep in finding the heart of a client's challenge and then delivering accurately with the appropriate pace.

In terms of technical expertise, Stuart is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met when diagnosing what a company needs to succeed with an unbiased opinion and genuine passion for helping others leverage technology properly.

As a leader, no matter the team size, Stuart also has a great knack for balancing his efforts between mentoring across multiple levels of skill and experience while never being taken away from helping his clients.


Stu is one of the best security recruiters that I have worked with. While attempting to secure a new role (in the heat of Corona), Stuart took pains to make sure that the culture and all other expectations were a fit. I am engrossed in my new work, and I know that having Stuart in my corner is the only way it was going to be possible. Thanks again!

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Be niche and know your niche

Learning Outcome #2

Create an online network and engage with them

Learning Outcome #3

Treat every person you come into contact like a million dollar contact

Bitsize Course Breakdown