Lewis' Career Highlights

  Permanent Consultant of The Year 2019-2020-2021
  Largest sales month on Perm in the company's history globally - $137K

Some of Lewis' customer testimonials


Lewis is a truly amazing recruiter who makes the process extremely easy. He was extremely knowledgeable, and the information provided throughout the process was very detailed. Lewis is outstanding at framing the upcoming step in the process and what to expect. He was very supportive and helpful from the initial screening through accepting the final offer. His personal touch made it feel as if a supportive friend was guiding me through the process.

I truly believe Lewis has changed my life for the better!


Lewis recruited me for an ML engineering role that matched up well with my skillset. He was extremely helpful throughout the process ensuring I knew all the steps in hiring, relayed feedback for full transparency in the hiring process, and made sure I'd be prepared for each round of interviews. I'd recommend working with Lewis in any capacity (hiring manager or an IC/manager looking for a new role).

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Value added follow ups

Learning Outcome #2

Understanding your prospects

Learning Outcome #3

Success vs Failure

Bitsize Course Breakdown