Josh's Career Highlights

  Successfully scaled a business of 20+ in Chicago from just a few people in the Summer of 2019
  Progressed his career from Associate to Manager in six years at Stanton House

Some of Josh's customer testimonials


Josh and the team at Stanton House bring a tried-and-true methodology to an industry desperately needing a provider to redefine "recruiting partnership" and it enables them to effectively match requirements to capabilities while blending culture and personality into the ideal candidate profile - and, without exception, they drive top-tier candidates into your hiring process. Talent always wins and Stanton House are the experts at identifying and recruiting talent, that is why they are my go-to for building out high-performance organizations.


Josh is a superb professional with integrity and exemplary communication skills. He is highly proficient in building real, successful business partnerships both with the candidate and company. Josh’s work along with the team culture he helps to create at Stanton House are at the highest level in the staffing & recruitment industry.

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Have a clear and outlined candidate qualification process

Learning Outcome #2

Deliver outstanding value from the very first call

Learning Outcome #3

Gaining candidate commitment by getting time in their diary

Bitesize Course Breakdown