Land & expand with your existing clients masterclass course

  Session #1 with Mario Michaels
  Session #2 with Tom White

Who you're learning from in this course

Learn from recruiters who are in the trenches like you and work across different industries.
 Progressed to Managing Partner within two years

Mario Michaels

2023 Finalist Business Leader Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year

Tom White

Masterclass Course Learning Outcomes

Session #1 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: The non-negotiables to ask clients that could become key accounts

LO#2: How to identify a key account with growth potential

LO#3: The common mistakes to avoid towards expanding existing accounts

Session #2 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: How to build an army of flag carriers who can help you expand accounts

LO#2: How to consistently map out accounts whilst building relationships

LO#3: Practical ways you can get those all-important hiring manager introductions

Masterclass Course Breakdown