Louise's Career Highlights

  Successfully launched her own training business 'Retrained' in Oct 2017
  Helped her participants secure over £4m in retained fees in the last 8 months.

Some of Louise's customer testimonials


Louise is incredible! I only ever hear amazing stories about the work Louise is doing, thank you for supporting so many of my contacts they have been so impressed. Delivering so much value to the business, clients and the overall outlook of the business.


2 words I’ll use for Louise - Exceptionally and Talented. My colleagues and I recently hired Louise, to help us get more out of our business development efforts and wow did we get just that. Louise’s carefully put together training programme is highly effective for recruiters at all experience levels. It teaches you to shift your mindset and pitch for what a good recruiter rightfully deserves, better quality business. We are now winning a significant amount more business and also many retained projects, during what could be seen to some as the most difficult recruiting market since 2008. Thank you Louise, you are a true professional and the lessons you teach are game changing. 

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Say you can help

Learning Outcome #2

Impress on them that you want to help

Learning Outcome #3


Bitesize Course Breakdown