Mario's Career Highlights

  Successfully progressed to Managing Partner within two years

Some of Mario's customer testimonials


Mario has been very successful filling a variety of technology roles in various of my teams. He's achieved this by building a full understanding of the organisation's culture and recommending candidates with a good overall fit (skills, attitude and competencies). He spends worthwhile time developing and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders so as to be 'on point' at the right time, and always delivers against commitments.


I've had the pleasure of working with Mario for many years and I cannot recommend him enough. He understands our company and helps to ensure we recruit the very best talent with the right skill set. He understands the IT industry and offers practical advice based on how he sees the market. He has built a fantastic team over the years and is always available for a quick call if we need his help.

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Learn how to use a multi-channel approach to gain visibility amongst target clients.

Learning Outcome #2

Learn how to use your track record to get client buy in.

Learning Outcome #3

Learn how to utilise your industry knowledge & expertise to book meetings.

Bitsize Course Breakdown