Master Candidate Management Masterclass Course

  Session #1 with Brad Harper
  Session #2 with Michael Judkins
  Session #3 with Riona Lavin
  Session #4 with Aaron Farrel
  Session #5 with Joe Head
  Session #6 with Adrienne Howlett

Who you're learning from in this course

Learn from recruiters who are in the trenches like you and work across different industries.

Brad Harper

Progressed from Manager to Director in seven years

Michael Judkins

Riona Lavin

Aaron Farrel

Joe Head

Adrienne Howlett

Masterclass Course Learning Outcomes

Session #1 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Create your own list of ‘What makes a great client’

LO#2: What your non-negotiables are when working with clients.

LO#3: The importance of not saying yes to everything.

LO#4: Why your clients have to do as much influencing as you do.

Session #2 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: The importance of always making time to prepare for candidate qualification calls.

LO#2: Candidate qualification call structure you can use and tailor to your own calls.

LO#3: Put together a framework that will make up your own personal pitch that you can use on all of your future calls.

LO#4: Red flags that we all need to keep an eye on that could give us all headaches later down the road.

Session #3 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Why you should be talking about counter offers from the very first call and how you can go about talking about it.

LO#2: Simple ways you can test the commitment from candidates you are working with that could unearth red flags sooner rather than later.

LO#3: Practical tips on managing the period of your candidate receiving a counter offer and how to best support them during the resignation period.

Session #4 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: What do we need to get right?

LO#2: Useful acronym for qualifying candidates

LO#3: 3 layers of re-qualification

Session #5 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: How we can build trust throughout the recruitment process with our candidates.

LO#2: Practical tips on what information you want to aim to find out when managing a candidate who has multiple job offers.

LO#3: Killer questions you can use to get your candidate to open up about their other job offers.

LO#4: Practical tips that will help you improve your chances of closing more candidates.

Session #6 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Why we have to double down on trust to really help us close more successfully.

LO#2: Practical tips on how you can lay out what you expect from the candidate when they do get offered and how this will help you have a better grip of the outcome.

LO#3: The importance of pre-closing not just on financials but on the entire job.

LO#4: Practical tips that will help you have more of your candidate not only accept the job offer but actually start their jobs!

Masterclass Course Breakdown