Maximising your LinkedIn outreach masterclass course

  Session #1 with Kyle Gallagher
  Session #2 with Andy Davis

Who you're learning from in this course

Learn from recruiters who are in the trenches like you and work across different industries.
Progressed from resourcer to sales director in 8 years

Holds several top biller awards

Kyle Gallagher

Built a 1,000+ Data Centre community

Launched the Data Centre Podcast

Andy Davis

Masterclass Course Learning Outcomes

Session #1 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Understanding some of the key fundamentals when it come to bettering your candidate outreach

LO#2: Understand bad outreach habits that you want to avoid

LO#3: Frameworks and structures that work for Kyle

LO#4: How to bring more creativity into your outreacH

Session #2 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Practical ways you can include industry content & referrals to help with your candidate outreach

LO#2: Different types of approaches that continue to work for Andy when it comes to candidate outreach

LO#3: Understand how you can use information on peoples LinkedIn profile to form your personalisation in outreach messages

Masterclass Course Breakdown