Successfully transition to 360 recruitment masterclass course

  Session #1 with Claudia McCreavy
  Session #2 with William Johnson
  Session #3 with Naomi Walsh
  Session #4 with Amber Penrose

Who you're learning from in this course

Learn from recruiters who are in the trenches like you and work across different industries.
Top Performer in 2022
2 Promotions in 12 Months

Claudia McCreavy

17 months to hit the million $ club

Top Biller in the Dallas office for 2022

William Johnson

Achieved two promotions within 18 months of joining Strive

2nd Top Billing Consultant 2022

Naomi Walsh

Top performing year £784K whilst managing a team of 8

Achieved top biller of the year award in 2022

Amber Penrose

Masterclass Course Learning Outcomes

Session #1 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Discuss the initial challenges in moving to a 360 role

LO#2: Explore a range of proactive and reactive strategies for BD

LO#3: Identify your own priorities for starting a 360 role

Session #2 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Understand the importance of follow up when in a 360 role

LO#2: Explore a range of proactive and reactive strategies for BD

LO#3: Explain the importance of leads as a foundation for success

Session #3 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Explore how using data can set you up for success in the 360 role

LO#2: Develop strategies for a multi-channel approach to BD

LO#3: Discuss how consistency can improve your mindset in the 360 role

Session #4  Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Develop strategies you can apply to your multi channel approach

LO#2: Explore the power of having discovery calls with clients

LO#3: Develop tools to execute successful client meetings

Masterclass Course Breakdown