The Most Effective Ways To Win Business Course masterclass course

  Session #1 with Khalifa Salim
  Session #2 with Mark Long
  Session #3 with Arjun Gillard

Who you're learning from in this course

Learn from recruiters who are in the trenches like you and work across different industries.
Top performing year £350K whilst managing a team of 5

Won the leader of the year award in 2022.

Khalifa Salim

Coached and mentored £1M billers

Created the 1st Commercial Director position at Salt

Mark Long

Progressed to Head Of position

Built a specialist tech recruitment team from scratch

Arjun Gillard

Masterclass Course Learning Outcomes

Session #1 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Understand how to make industry events part of your 2023 business development strategy

LO#2: Maximising your time at events: Pre-event actions, at-the-event actions and post-event actions

LO#3: How you can use industry events to build your brand, learn more about your industry and win business.

Session #2 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Understand the importance of having short term, medium term and long term approaches towards your business development

LO#2: Understand how to build your very own business development engagement strategy

LO#3: Know a range of strategies and tactics you can use to come across interesting when prospecting which will positively impact your response rates.

Session #3 Learning Outcomes

LO#1: Understand how to deliver value to potential clients that showcase your credibility & expertise

LO#2: Know how to harness the power of case studies and testimonials

LO#3: Understand how to use a multi-channel approach when prospecting

Masterclass Course Breakdown