Hishem's Career Highlights

  Successfully built a globally listened to podcast that reaches 30,000+ people a month
  Helped several recruiters successfully launch their own podcast

Some of Hishem's customer testimonials


I took part in Hishem's LinkedIn branding course earlier this year and I cannot recommend him enough!

His approach to his courses was spot on and he got everyone super involved and engaged straight away. He was always on hand via our group WhatsApp or email to provide support and ideas whilst we were building our confidence up with our posts etc.
My LinkedIn statistics have improved so much since Hishem's course and I would definitely recommend him to any recruitment company looking to improve their teams branding.
Thanks Hishem for your help and support :-) 


From beginning to end, Hishem was extremely professional and supportive to work with, always being ready to answer questions and give clear instructions on what he wanted. This is a rare thing to find, believe it or not.

It's also rare to find such a dedicated and enthusiastic client, who is as passionate about their own business as they are about respecting and valuing freelancers work. Many people want work done as fast as possible, as cheap as possible, and this can make us freelancers feel disposable. Not Hishem. He values the time and effort it takes more than most.

I would highly recommend Hishem and Recruitment Mentors. He offers daily content to the community that provides real value, insight and advice in an ever-changing world.

I look forward to future opportunities to work with him again. 

Bitesize Course Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcome #1

Don't make your time spent on the podcast an 'Excess Time' activity

Learning Outcome #2

Don't over complicate it and focus on getting yes's

Learning Outcome #3

Worry about all of the 'How to's' after you have recorded episodes

Bitesize Course Breakdown